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►Closed◄ Zombies/Mod menu/Rentals/10th/Leaderboard Empty ►Closed◄ Zombies/Mod menu/Rentals/10th/Leaderboard

Post  Guest Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:03 am

►Closed◄ Zombies/Mod menu/Rentals/10th/Leaderboard Outputg

My Set-up

-$10 Per person
-$4.99 Infections
-20$ 10 min Rent
-40$ 15 min Rent
-50$ 20 min Rent
-55$ 25 min Rent
-60$ 30 Minute Rent
-120$ 1 hour Rent
►Closed◄ Zombies/Mod menu/Rentals/10th/Leaderboard ProfileaimHost - VaapRLobbys
►Closed◄ Zombies/Mod menu/Rentals/10th/Leaderboard ProfileaimCo-host EvilModder

If you have question Make sure They're Related To The Topic dont Send us Messages Saying " Hows It Hanging" Or "Whats Up My Nigga" if you do this you will proably be blocked / delated First becuase you said nigga and truthfully i hate black people and second we dont like you GTFO
Lobby Status :Closed Due To RROD For Another Week Or So
Click Here For Livestream

How Do i pay?
How to Pay:

[center]All money has to be sent to When sending money please include are u renting or getting 10th only!When paying please pay as gift or get instanly refunded!

When Paying Please Remember to Put your gamertag in the note section! So we know who to invite! Once you have payed and we are open you will get an invite instantly!

Hosting Times

Monday - Friday : 10pm - 2am

Saturday & Sunday : 10pm - 2am

List of services


Throughout the duration of the lobby, we will be hosting games of zombies on various maps. In order to get an invite to these zombies games you will need to of paid for full service ($20)


If you would like to rent out our lobby for either 30 minutes or an hour so you can invite whoever you want for that time period, please contact us using one of the below methods.


Forum PM


Infection Packages (Using our in-game menu you can pick which infection package best suits your needs)
Everything listed in this section will go if you leave multiplayer or turn off your Xbox. Additionally, any infection marked with a * will also be reset if you go into matchmaking. (Private match only infections)

Gamebattles Package - Useful infections if you play GB and dont want to get caught

- Red boxes around people*
- Bigger radar
- See through walls & other surfaces*
- No longer blinded by flash/stun grenades

Standard Package (God Mode)

- Red boxes around people*
- See through walls & other surfaces*
- Bigger radar
- Laser sight
- Ping column on scoreboard
- Game host indicator
- No limit on amount of explosives you can plant/use (instead of two)
- Javelin missile Martyrdom
- Burst fire weapons can shoot at full auto speed
- No bullet spread with steady aim
- Instant reload with sleight of hand
- Blast shield negates explosive damage
- No longer blinded by flash/stun grenades*
- God Mode (invulnerable to anyone using stopping power or danger close)

Standard Package (1-hit Kill)

Same package as above but with...

- One-hit kill with stopping power & extra damage with danger close

Instead of 'God Mode'

Optional Infections - These are optional infections you can also have

- Modded heartbeat sensor (will remove wallhack)*
- Chrome vision
- 'Cartoon' Vision*
- AC-130, chopper gunner & EMP care packages/emergency airdrops


With our in-game menu you can edit the following stats:

- Score
- KIlls
- Deaths
- Time played
- Headshots
- Assists
- Wins
- Losses
- Ties
- Accuracy ( Choose between 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% etc )


- 10th prestige
- Spinning skull emblem unlock
- All challenges
- All camos & attachments
- All titles and emblems
- Colourful class names with your Gamertag

IMPORTANT: Inviting friends will get you kicked
You won't be invited back for any reason other than to prestige

Payment Instructions


Q - Can I change my emblem to a different one and then change back to the spinning skull?
A - Yes, the emblem is unlocked on the 4th page and can be switched to at any time.

Q - How do I contact you?
A - Send me a PM here,

Q - Want me to live stream for you?
A - No.

Q - Will you accept MSP/iTunes gift cards/Paypal accounts?
A - No[img][/img] afro


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►Closed◄ Zombies/Mod menu/Rentals/10th/Leaderboard Empty Re: ►Closed◄ Zombies/Mod menu/Rentals/10th/Leaderboard

Post  Guest Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:21 am

Stickyed + Verified ! Very Happy


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